Patent Number: 8,793,074

Title: Sequence covariance networks, methods and uses therefor

Abstract: Methods of identifying targets for designing a therapeutic agent are disclosed. These methods comprise: determining an amino acid sequence of one or more polypeptides of each isolate of a plurality of isolates of a biological system; identifying covariance pairs of amino acid residues; establishing a network comprising the covariance pairs; and identifying one or more hub residue positions, wherein a hub residue position comprises a target for designing a therapeutic agent if the hub residue position has a rank order in the percentile or greater. In other aspects, methods are disclosed for selecting a therapy for an infectious disorder. In various configurations, these methods comprise: determining amino acids occupying a plurality of diagnostic amino acid residue positions comprised by one or more polypeptides encoded by an infectious agent infecting a subject; and assigning the infectious agent infecting the subject to one covariance network selected from a plurality of covariance networks, wherein each network comprises a unique rank order of hubs with respect to the other networks, and whereby the therapy is selected on the basis of the covariance network assignment.

Inventors: Aurora; Rajeev (Wildwood, MO), Donlin; Maureen J. (Kirkwood, MO), Tavis; John E. (Kirkwood, MO)

Assignee: Saint Louis University

International Classification: G06F 19/22 (20110101); G06F 19/24 (20110101)

Expiration Date: 7/29/12018