Patent Number: 8,793,537

Title: Computing device and method for detecting memory errors of the computing device

Abstract: In a method for detecting memory errors occurring in a computing device, a channel number of an error memory module is obtained from a first register of a memory controller of the computing device. The method analyzes an error type to obtain a rank number of the memory module from one or more specified registers of the memory controller, and finds a serial number of a memory slot into which the memory module has been inserted. According to the serial number of the memory slot and a distribution list, the method can detect the memory slot which is carrying the memory module.

Inventors: Tan; Jie-Jun (Shenzhen, CN), Lin; Yu-Long (Shenzhen, CN)

Assignee: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (ShenZhen) Co., Ltd.

International Classification: G06F 11/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 7/29/12018