Patent Number: 8,793,652

Title: Designing and cross-configuring software

Abstract: Various embodiments create a cross-configuration software module for cross-configuring software entities. In one embodiment, a first set of requirements and at least a second set of requirements are obtained. Each of the first and second set of requirements identify at least one of a set of software entities and a set of hardware components required to be present on at least one system including software entities to be cross-configured. At least one set of operations is obtained. The set of operations includes at least one executable instruction that configures a first software entity with a second software entity. A first configuration definition is generated including at least the first set of requirements and the at least one set of operations. A second configuration definition is generated including at least the second set of requirements. The first and second configuration definitions are stored within a cross-configuration software module.

Inventors: Berg; Daniel C. (Holly Springs, NC), Eilam; Tamar (New York, NY), Kalantar; Michael H. (Chapel Hill, NC), Kofman; Alexander (Haifa, IL), Oliveira; Fabio A. (White Plains, NY), Rosenberg; Florian (New York, NY), Saadoun; Gilad (Haifa, IL)

Assignee: International Business Machines Corporation

International Classification: G06F 9/44 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 7/29/12018