Patent Number: 8,793,842

Title: Cord management sleeve

Abstract: The cord management sleeve is used to retain an electric cord that is bent in several segments in a bow-tie-like arrangement. The cord management sleeve has a first and second halves, each having a cylindrical shape. The first half is coaxially engaged into the second half, for rotation into the second half. The first half has a circumferential ridge on an end thereof. The second half has a circumferential groove on an end thereof. The circumferential ridge is engaged into the circumferential groove with a sliding fit. Each of the halves has a longitudinal slot therein, and these longitudinal slots are movable relative to each other by rotation of the halves relative to each other, for selectively aligning the slots or setting off an alignment of the slots. The segments of a cord are inserted though the slots and kept in the sleeve by setting off the alignment of the slots.

Inventors: Donovan; Valerie M. T. (Fredericton, CA), Theriault; Mario D. (Fredericton, CA)


International Classification: F16G 11/14 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/05/12018