Patent Number: 8,793,894

Title: Clothes drying cabinet

Abstract: A clothes drying cabinet which consists of a base, a frame, a cover and a control unit is disclosed. A heat source, a warm air cushion chamber and a clothes drying chamber are provided inside the clothes drying cabinet. The heat source comprises a fan motor and a PCT heating element. The frame is positioned on the base and supported by the hanger braces. The division plate for the warm air cushioning chamber forms the warm air cushioning chamber with the protection plate of the warm air channel in the lower parts and forms the cloth drying chamber. The frame is covered outside by the cover. The control unit comprises a control panel and switches. The clothes drying effect can be improved and the drying speed can be increased, furthermore the clothes drying cabinet is safe so that the danger due to clothes falling down can be prevented.

Inventors: Bo; Hu Jie (Ci Xi, CN)


International Classification: F26B 19/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/05/12018