Patent Number: 8,793,936

Title: Latch jamb security plate for doorjamb

Abstract: A latch jamb security plate in combination with a doorjamb having a front side facing a door opening and a back side opposite the front side. The doorjamb is formed with a latch aperture therethrough for receiving a retractable door latch. The latch jamb security plate comprises a planar plate member fastened to the back side of the doorjamb, and a single latch tongue formed integrally with the planar plate member and extending therefrom into the latch aperture in the doorjamb. The planar plate member has an opening therethrough aligned with the latch aperture in the doorjamb. The opening in the planar plate member has a continuous edge. The latch tongue is configured to extend from only a portion of the edge of the opening in the planar plate member.

Inventors: Fulton; Daniel (Charlotte, NC), Fagan; Gary (Huntersville, NC)

Assignee: Masonite Corporation

International Classification: E05B 15/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/05/12018