Patent Number: 8,794,206

Title: Engine valve system

Abstract: An engine valve system comprises two cams (10,12) mounted coaxially, a summation rocker (14) coupled to followers (16,18) of both cams and movable in proportion to the instantaneous sum of the lifts of the respective cams, and a valve actuating rocker (20) pivotably coupled to the summation rocker (14) and operative to open an engine valve (22) in dependence upon the movement of the summation rocker (14). In the invention, the actuating rocker (20) rests on a hydraulic lash adjuster (24). A control spring (136) is provided to urge the summation rocker (14) in a direction to compress the hydraulic lash adjuster (24). A stop (138) associated with the control spring (136) limits the movement of the summation rocker (14) towards the lash adjuster (24) so as to set the clearance in the valve system when the valve (22) is closed and the cam followers (16,18) are on the base circles of the two cams (10,12).

Inventors: Methley; Ian (Witney, GB), Lancefield; Timothy Mark (Shipston on Stour, GB)

Assignee: Mechadyne International Limited

International Classification: F01L 1/18 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/05/12018