Patent Number: 8,794,221

Title: Oil separator of internal combustion engine

Abstract: In an oil separator provided in a cylinder head cover of an internal combustion engine and equipped with a partition wall disposed between a blow-by gas inlet and a blow-by gas outlet and having through holes each serving as an orifice for increasing a flow velocity of blow-by gas flow, a collision plate is arranged adjacent to the partition wall so as to be opposed to each of the through holes, for separating oil mist from blow-by gases. At least one upstanding wall is disposed downstream of the collision plate in a manner so as to be adjacent to an opening defined between a lower end of the collision plate and the bottom face of a separator chamber, for recapturing oil mist, once-separated from the blow-by gases but rescattering along with the blow-by gas flow passing through the opening of the collision plate.

Inventors: Kobayashi; Akihiro (Niiza, JP), Suto; Masanori (Kawagoe, JP)

Assignee: Mahle Filter Systems Japan Corporation

International Classification: F01M 13/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/05/12018