Patent Number: 8,794,226

Title: Oven muffle

Abstract: An oven muffle that has at least two wall elements adjoining each other, which delimit at least some regions of an interior space that is used as a cooking chamber. The wall elements are of a glass or a glass ceramic and the adjacent wall elements are oriented at an angle with respect to one another. In an oven muffle of this invention, along with ease of cleaning, a simple structural design is achieved if the wall elements are integrally joined to one another and constitute one formed part.

Inventors: Schmidbauer; Wolfgang (Mainz, DE), Backes; Sascha (Rudesheim, DE), Gotz; Helga (Heidesheim, DE), Zenker; Thomas (Nieder-Olm, DE), Taplan; Martin (Rheinbollen, DE)

Assignee: Schott AG

International Classification: F24C 15/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/05/12018