Patent Number: 8,794,472

Title: Covers for wineglasses or like containers

Abstract: Cover means (10) for a wineglass or like container (24) are made from a flat sheet (10), and comprise means (20, 521) adapted to be bent from the sheet (10) and used to inhibit the cover means (10) from slipping off the container, which inhibiting means (20) comprise an inhibiting element (20), e.g. a tab (20), adapted to be bent from the sheet at one or more bends (22, 50, 54) inwards of the periphery (18) of the cover means (10), whereby the whole of said element (22) is located inwards of and spaced from the periphery (18) or at least one said bend (22) extends inwards from said periphery (18). Two, three or more of said elements (20) may be adapted to be inside and/or outside the rim (26) of the container (24). Such an element (20) may point radially or circumferentially, and may be cut from the sheet (10) (or have a line 12 of weakening for ready separation from the sheet 10) apart from at said bend (22). Said elements (20) may be spaced apart around the cover means (10) and/or at different distances from a center to suit the diameters of respective said containers (24). A non-tab form said element (521) may have a cross-section of V-shape in a circumferential direction. The cover means (10) may be formed into a conical shape, e.g. by interlocking means (322, 342), e.g. comprising hook means (322, 342), or be held in conical shape by bending alone; and/or may be adapted to be such that the action of using a finger to apply pressure downwards at one portion of the outer edge of the cover (10) will lever the cover (10) up at the opposite side of the container (24).

Inventors: Hughes; John (London, GB)


International Classification: B65D 51/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/05/12018