Patent Number: 8,794,491

Title: Dispensing module and method of dispensing with a pneumatic actuator

Abstract: An adhesive dispensing module includes a pneumatic actuator for actuating reciprocating movement of a piston on a dispenser valve member. The pneumatic actuator includes a valve element and a pneumatic housing with an inlet chamber, an exhaust chamber, and a piston chamber. The valve element includes a plurality of inlet passages and a plurality of exhaust passages. The valve element rotates from a first position in which the inlet passages deliver pressurized air from the inlet chamber to the piston chamber, to a second position in which the exhaust passages exhaust pressurized air from the piston chamber to the exhaust chamber. The valve element also includes a plurality of fins configured to be driven by an electromagnetic coil to move the valve element.

Inventors: Gould; Mark A. (Gainesville, GA)

Assignee: Nordson Corporation

International Classification: B67D 3/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/05/12018