Patent Number: 8,794,604

Title: Method and apparatus for generating nano-bubbles in liquid

Abstract: A method for generating and dissolving nano-bubbles in a liquid comprises the steps of preparing a bamboo filter by partially or entirely removing an enamel layer of a bamboo and using a bamboo fibrous layer therein as a component of a filter; applying a gas to an inside of the bamboo filter with a pressure over atmospheric pressure in a state where the bamboo filter is submerged in water; and making the gas permeate from an inside of the bamboo fibrous layer to an outside thereof, thereby forming nano-bubbles and at the same time dissolving the gas in the liquid. The present invention advantageously allows the generation of nano-sized fine bubbles by a filter member made of naturally occurring material so that the nano-bubbles are dissolved in a liquid, without applying external mechanical force to the water.

Inventors: Ryu; Sang-Ryul (Jeongeup, KR)

Assignee: GK Oxy Co., Ltd.

International Classification: B01F 3/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/05/12018