Patent Number: 8,794,721

Title: Cover for a storage unit

Abstract: A cover for a merchandising storage unit for displaying of goods with a storage compartment, which cover includes at least one lid having a rear part and a front part, and which is displaceable towards an open position by displacing the lid away from an access side of the storage compartment, wherein the lid in a closed position is arranged at an angle in relation to horizontal, the cover having a rail system having at least a right rail arrangement and a left rail arrangement for guiding the at least one lid, wherein each rail arrangement includes a first track for guiding the front part of the lid and having a front part and a rear part, and a second track for guiding the rear part of the lid and having a front part, and a rear part, wherein the second track is separate to said first track.

Inventors: Pedersen; Uffe P. E. (Arhus N, DK)

Assignee: Behr A/S

International Classification: B65D 43/20 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/05/12018