Patent Number: 8,794,970

Title: Control systems to emulate jet aircraft in reciprocating engine-powered trainers

Abstract: This disclosure describes novel aircraft control systems for propeller-driven training aircraft, and methods for their use. In an aspect of some embodiments, a control system might comprise an integrated power control that takes a single power input from the pilot and translates that input into controls for a throttle, a propeller pitch setting, and a fuel/air mixture. In another aspect of some embodiments, a glass cockpit may be provided, with computer displays emulating the instruments of the aircraft for which the pilot is training. Advantageously, this allows a pilot in training to learn, from the beginning, the power controls and/or instrumentation for the aircraft for which the pilot is training, instead of having to learn one power control and instrumentation system, only to later have to learn another system. In a specific embodiment, the instrumentation displays may be reconfigurable, allowing the displays to emulate those of a variety of jet aircraft.

Inventors: Testrake; Steven G. (Escondido, CA)


International Classification: G09B 9/08 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/05/12018