Patent Number: 8,794,976

Title: Systems and methods for evaluating neurobehavioural performance from reaction time tests

Abstract: Method are provided for evaluating reaction time data obtained from a stimulus-response testing system. One exemplary method comprises: obtaining reaction time data, the reaction time data comprising a plurality of reaction times, each reaction time comprising an estimate of a time required for a subject to respond to a corresponding stimulus event; assigning a weight to each reaction time in the reaction time data in accordance with a weighting function, the weighting function comprising a rule that defines a mapping between reaction times and corresponding weights; and determining a weighted reaction time metric based at least in part on a sum of the weights assigned to the reaction times in the reaction time data.

Inventors: Kan; Kevin Gar Wah (Richmond, CA), Mott; Christopher Grey (Vancouver, CA), Mollicone; Daniel Joseph (Philadelphia, PA)

Assignee: Trustees of the Univ. of Pennsylvania

International Classification: G09B 19/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/05/12018