Patent Number: 8,795,014

Title: Workout raft

Abstract: Disclosed is a flotation platform engineered to permit aquatic based exercise routines in a pool or Shallow calm waters for fitness or rehabilitation. An exercise method directed for a total body workout. A raft that exercise routines are performed on water to reduce stress, as if compared to ones workout With heavy equipment or on hard surfaces. The workout raft includes a removable pillow to allow more Resistance for both upper and lower body. The raft includes flexible connectors for the arm rest for a Variety of arm exercises. The raft includes a quarter hole behind the users knees to allow the user to Bend the raft easily in and out of the water. Disclosed is a raft that works out about every part of the Body. It has a number of color coded chambers that can be inflated for the desired level of resistance.

Inventors: McCarthy; Chicky-Jeanne (Port Salerno, FL)

Assignee: McCarthy; Chicky-Jeanne

International Classification: B63B 35/74 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/05/12018