Patent Number: 8,795,025

Title: Infant mannequin

Abstract: A novel infant mannequin system for documenting features of a specific human infant comprises a infant head form with two eye members, a nose member, a mouth aperture having two lips, and a head form having a facial image of a specific human infant. The system comprises an infant body form, a skeletal structure, a muscular structure, a skin covering, and a hair receptacle system located on the head form. The system comprises an abdomen compression diaphragm located underneath the skin covering. A function simulation system comprises a microprocessor, a power source, a data port and an activation switch located in the torso. The function simulation system comprises a heartbeat output simulator, a thermal circulation system, an abdominal expansion system, and a sound generator. A body weight distribution member is located in the skeletal structure.

Inventors: Hunt; Angie (Russelville, AR), Hunt; Tim (Russelville, AR)


International Classification: A63H 3/28 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/05/12018