Patent Number: 8,795,055

Title: Slot-type game with nudge and bonus game features

Abstract: In a method of playing a game and a gaming device configured to present a game, a plurality of reels display a base set of symbols. The symbols are used to define a base game outcome. In the event a nudge feature is triggered, such as by receipt of trigger symbols in the base game, reels having associated trigger symbols are locked and individual ones of the reels are nudged to new positions, wherein after a particular reel has been nudged, a new game outcome is evaluated. The reels may be nudged sequentially. Other triggers, such as receipt of additional numbers of trigger symbols, may also trigger a primary bonus game, which bonus game may further trigger one or more secondary bonus games.

Inventors: Vancura; Olaf (Las Vegas, NV)


International Classification: G07F 17/32 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/05/12018