Patent Number: 8,795,155

Title: Electronic bending endoscope device and endoscope supporting device

Abstract: The present invention provides an electric bending endoscope device which has an endoscope supporting device. The endoscope supporting device is provided with an electric bending unit and an insertion portion detachably configured in a state that an electric bending endoscope is always supported to improve an efficiency of an operation to be performed before and after an inspection and to reduce the work or burdens of the users, and in the state that the endoscope is being supported, the endoscope can be used, and similarly, the supporting device can be stored in the state that the endoscope is being supported. For the purpose, the electric bending endoscope device includes an endoscope 11 having an observation function and a treatment function of the inside of a body cavity, and an endoscope supporting device 40 having a first moving member (hinge 46) capable of moving up and down the endoscope in a direction perpendicular to a floor, a second moving member (arm movable portion 43 and slide guide 44) capable of moving the endoscope in a horizontal direction with respect to the floor, a first supporting portion (bearing portion 42a) for permitting the endoscope to rotate around an axis and supporting the endoscope, and a second supporting portion (supporting portion 42) for supporting the endoscope movably in vertical and horizontal directions.

Inventors: Kanazawa; Noriaki (Musashino, JP)

Assignee: Olympus Corporation

International Classification: A61B 1/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/05/12018