Patent Number: 8,795,215

Title: Adjustable orthopaedic corset for spinal column support

Abstract: An adjustable orthopedic corset to support a user's spinal column includes a rigid frame having a pair of upper, intermediate, and lower connecting slots to which a pair of front and rear straps, wrapped around the user, are connected. A further pair of connecting slots for a pair of pelvic straps, which join at the front of the user via abdominal plates, are envisaged at a lower end of the rigid frame. The pair of front and rear straps are provided by three sliding points for each side of the rigid frame. Each front strap is equipped with a first sliding point located at upper connecting slots. Each rear strap is equipped with an anchoring point located at the intermediate connecting slots, a second sliding point at slots secured to the lower ends of the two front straps, and a third sliding point at the lower connecting slots.

Inventors: Rossi; Paolo (Stansstad (NW), CH)

Assignee: Orthoservice AG

International Classification: A61F 5/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/05/12018