Patent Number: 8,795,308

Title: Laparoscopic gastric and intestinal trocar

Abstract: A trocar needle includes an elongate body having a distal end portion and a proximal end portion, a penetrating tip formed at the distal end portion of the body, and an attachment portion formed at the proximal end portion for attaching a tether thereto. A grip region can further be provided and can be formed for example, at the proximal end portion of the body to facilitate gripping by a surgical grasping device. Additionally or alternatively, a notch or otherwise reduced cross-sectional area can be provided. Such a feature can be formed, for example, at the distal end portion of the body, arranged proximal from a distal end thereof for enhancing haptic perception by a surgeon when utilizing the needle.

Inventors: Valin; Elmer (Woodbridge, CT)


International Classification: A61B 17/34 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/05/12018