Patent Number: 8,795,312

Title: Inflatable, steerable balloon for elevation of tissue within a body

Abstract: An apparatus for elevating tissue within a body, including a tubular member having a proximal end and a distal end and a central axis defined therethrough, in which the tubular member comprises a first lumen and a second lumen, separately formed therein, a balloon secured to a region of the tubular member, in which a region of the tubular member is engagable with an injection mechanism, in which the engaged injection mechanism is engagable to be in communication with the first lumen of the tubular member, and in which the first lumen of the tubular member provides a path to an interior of the balloon.

Inventors: Fan; Wei Li (Malden, MA), Philippon; Marc Joseph (Edwards, CO), Torrie; Paul Alexander (Marblehead, MA), Bombard; David Leo (Edwards, CO)

Assignee: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

International Classification: A61M 29/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/05/12018