Patent Number: 8,795,561

Title: Process of forming a nanofiber non-woven containing particles

Abstract: A process for forming a nanofiber non-woven includes mixing a first and second thermoplastic polymer and a plurality of particles, then subjecting the mixture to elongational forces when the first and second polymers are in a softened condition forming nanofibers of the first polymer. Next, the mixture is brought to a condition where the temperature is below the softening temperature of the first polymer forming a first intermediate. The first intermediate is consolidated forming the second intermediate where at least 70% of the nanofibers are fused to other nanofibers. Next, at least a portion of the second polymer is removed and at least 50% of the particles are positioned adjacent a surface of the nanofibers.

Inventors: Scrivens; Walter A. (Moore, SC), Zhou; Hao (Boiling Springs, SC)

Assignee: Milliken & Company

International Classification: D01F 1/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/05/12018