Patent Number: 8,796,571

Title: Switch for a belt lock

Abstract: A switch is provided for a belt lock of a safety belt system, for example, in a motor vehicle. The switch includes a switch housing which has a contact space in which two contact sheets interact, and a channel which borders the contact space and in which a slide can be moved. A section of the contact sheet made as a contact spring projects into the channel, as a free end section which projects beyond one contact region of the contact sheets. A connecting opening is located in a position of use of the switch above the contact region of the two contact sheets.

Inventors: Lanter; Josua (Chur, CH), Spataro; Antonino (Vilters, CH)

Assignee: Polycontact AG

International Classification: A44B 11/25 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/05/12018