Patent Number: 8,797,184

Title: Advanced accessible pedestrian system for signalized traffic intersections

Abstract: Pedestrian call systems with bidirectional communication between pedestrian call stations and traffic controllers are arranged so as to detect system errors. Communications can be provided over power conductors, and systems can be configured and monitored using a web browser. In one example, traffic systems are provided with Ethernet interfaces that can be used for bidirectional communication over power lines.

Inventors: Tate; Philip (Boise, ID), Wall; Richard (Moscow, ID), Cravioto; Craig (Moscow, ID), Browne; Cody (Moscow, ID), Sapp; Zane (Moscow, ID), Deruwe; Gabriel (Moscow, ID)

Assignee: University of Idaho

International Classification: G08G 1/07 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/05/12018