Patent Number: 8,797,549

Title: Interferometric methods and apparatus for seismic exploration

Abstract: A interferometer apparatus for studying the surface of an object, the apparatus comprising a source producing an object beam of coherent light, a source producing a reference beam which is coherent with the object beam, and a detector or a plurality of detectors arranged in a line or array, wherein the apparatus is arranged such that the object beam is diverging or substantially collimated, and wherein, in use the diverging or substantially collimated object beam is directed towards the surface of the object to produce a reflected object beam reflected from the surface of the object, the detector(s) is/are focused to a point beneath the surface of the object, and the reflected object beam is combined with the reference beam and detected by the detector(s). Also provided is a corresponding method for conducting an interferometric study of the surface of an object. The surface of the object may be a sea floor, and the interferometer apparatus may be for studying the movement of particles on the sea floor in response to a seismic event.

Inventors: Meldahl; Paul (Stavanger, NO), Vikhagen; Eiolf (Trondheim, NO)

Assignee: Statoil Petroleum AS

International Classification: G01B 11/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/05/12018