Patent Number: 8,798,654

Title: Selective interference rejection combining

Abstract: It is provided a method, including deciding, based on a previously estimated interference value, whether a user equipment or a sounding reference signal or a channel of a received uplink signal is affected by a colored interference more than a first predefined threshold, wherein colored interference is an interference having a spatial and/or spectral predominance; and suppressing interference rejection combining on the uplink signal if none of the user equipment, the sounding reference signal, and the channel of the received uplink signal is affected more than the first predefined threshold.

Inventors: Rossel; Sabine (Munich, DE), Tiirola; Esa Tapani (Kempele, FI), Piirainen; Olli Juhani (Oulu, FI), Luo; Ji Jun (Munich, DE), Viering; Ingo (Munich, DE), Taskinen; Mikko Kalevi (Espoo, FI), Paul; Timothy (Atlanta, GA), Forster; Josef (Kipfenberg, DE), Vainikka; Markku Juha (Kiviniemi, FI), Ritterhoff; Carsten (Olching, DE)

Assignee: Nokia Siemens Networks Oy

International Classification: H04B 15/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/05/12018