Patent Number: 8,798,981

Title: Circuit simulation using step response analysis in the frequency domain

Abstract: A method for simulating a response of a circuit to an ESD input stimulus applied to the circuit includes the steps of: receiving a description of the circuit into a circuit simulation program, the circuit including at least one mutual inductance element indicative of magnetic coupling in the circuit; generating a linear approximation of nonlinear elements in the circuit at respective DC bias points of the nonlinear elements; obtaining a frequency domain transfer function of the circuit; obtaining a time domain impulse response of the circuit as a function of the frequency domain transfer function; integrating the time domain impulse response to yield a step response of the circuit, the step response being indicative of a response of the circuit to the ESD input stimulus; and analyzing the step response of the circuit to determine whether the circuit will operate within prescribed parameters corresponding to the circuit.

Inventors: Ito; Choshu (San Mateo, CA), Loh; William (Fremont, CA)

Assignee: LSI Corporation

International Classification: G06G 7/56 (20060101); G06F 17/50 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/05/12018