Patent Number: 8,814,389

Title: Metal core printed circuit board as heat sink for LEDs

Abstract: Power LEDs are implanted in a specially designed printed circuit board (PCB) that is known in the art as a Metal Core Printed Circuit Board (MCPCB). The MCPCB is bended over to so as to have rounded corners having a radius that is not smaller than a determined value depending of the overall thickness of the MCPCB and other factors without any negative effects on the insulating layer and copper traces in the area of bending. In this manner, the surface area of the heat sink used in an LED nail care curing appliance is increased. The MCPCB with installed LEDs with rounded corners thereby follows the natural curvature (based on the shape of a human hand) of the appliance housing, eliminating the need for additional heat sinks or fans to reduce the heat generated by the LEDs.

Inventors: Horvath; Gavril (Tarzana, CA)

Assignee: O P I Products, Inc.

International Classification: F26B 3/28 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/26/12018