Patent Number: 8,814,493

Title: Air-channeled wind turbine for low-wind environments

Abstract: An inventive wind turbine device including an air intake with a curved interior surface for accelerating wind speed and an optional conical component to direct the captured wind directly to a portion of the turbine housed in the throat of the device. Annular slits are optionally included in the air intake to reduce back pressures of the introduced fluid stream. The device has an exhaust portion with a curved interior surface for discharging the wind. A method of generating electricity regardless of external wind speed by channeling wind into an air intake of the device, passing the wind over the curved interior surface of the intake thereby accelerating the wind speed through the device, reducing the back pressure in the intake by discharging a portion of wind through annular slits therein, and using the accelerated wind to generate electricity is also encompassed herein.

Inventors: Komp; William Joseph (Louisville, KY)


International Classification: F03D 1/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/26/12018