Patent Number: 8,815,005

Title: Sulphur cement product

Abstract: A sulphur cement product comprising from 10 to 30 wt % sulphur, 70 to 90 wt % of particulate inorganic material and from 0.4 to 2 wt % wax, and comprising less than 5 wt % bitumen, wherein the weight percentages are based upon the weight of the sulphur cement product, is disclosed. Further disclosed is a process for preparing a sulphur cement product; a process for preparing a sulphur cement surfacing on a structural material; and use of a wax to improve the fouling deposit removal and/or graffiti removal properties of a sulphur cement product.

Inventors: Verbist; Guy Iode Magda Maria (Amsterdam, NL), Ploegaert; Ingrid (Amsterdam, NL), Veldman; Egbert (London, GB)

Assignee: Shell Oil Company

International Classification: C04B 28/36 (20060101); C04B 24/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/26/12018