Patent Number: 8,815,023

Title: Boronization process and composition with improved surface characteristics of metals

Abstract: Embodiments of the disclosed technology provide methods of boronizing titanium and other metals and metal alloys. The method proceeds, in an embodiment of the disclosed technology, by using a boron source, and placing it in a heated environment, followed by a reduced pressure environment, as is described in the disclosure. In a solid phase embodiment of the disclosure, boronized stainless steel alloys are produced having zero galling at 17,000 psi.

Inventors: Zlatev; Svetoslav (Montclair, NJ), Petrova; Roumiana (New Milford, NJ)

Assignee: Universal Global Products, LLC

International Classification: C23C 8/68 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/26/12018