Patent Number: 8,815,350

Title: Method for grafting a porous element for leucodepletion

Abstract: A method for grafting a porous element for leucodepletion by adsorption and/or filtration of a biological fluid, such as blood or a blood component, which method comprises the steps of impregnating the porous element with a solution containing a poly(ethylene oxide) having identical or different functional end groups; and applying an ionizing treatment to the impregnated porous element so as to ensure covalent cross-linking between the poly(ethylene oxide) and the porous element.

Inventors: Marmey; Pascal (Linselles, FR), Bessy; Emilie (Sainte Maxime, FR), Lutz; Pierre (Bischheim, FR), Henard; Gregory (Lille, FR)

Assignee: Maco Pharma Societe Anonyme

International Classification: H05H 1/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/26/12018