Patent Number: 8,816,881

Title: Runway digital wind indicator system

Abstract: A runway digital wind indicator system senses wind conditions at multiple locations, aggregates this data, and communicates up-to-date, usable information to pilots. Meteorological information, including wind speed, direction, and change (i.e., gustiness) plus temperature, humidity, barometer, wind shear, etc., can be sensed by three or more sensor pods placed along a runway (at least one at each end and another in the middle of a given runway). Data from these pods is then transferred to a computer receiver that processes the information into a real-time, concise, readable format that can be displayed to air traffic control, sent to runway digital display signs placed in proximity to runways for direct pilot reference, and/or posted to websites/internet locations that can then be used to wirelessly relay the information to any of a plethora of digital devices that can be accessed directly by a pilot.

Inventors: Nakata; Roger L. (Aurora, CO), Sprinkle; Daniel G. (Aurora, CO)


International Classification: G08G 5/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/26/12018