Patent Number: 8,816,898

Title: Radar apparatus

Abstract: A radar apparatus includes: an array antenna having antenna elements having function of a transmission antenna and a reception antenna and receiving an echo signal which is a reflection of a probe signal from a target, the probe signal being radiated from the antenna elements; a converter for converting the echo signal to a baseband signal; a signal synthesizing unit which generates a synthesized baseband signal vector on the basis of aperture synthesis of the baseband signal generated from a combination of the antenna elements giving an equal spatial phase; a correction data acquiring unit which acquires correction data on the basis of coefficients of terms of a synthesized array polynomial; a correction processing unit which corrects the synthesized baseband signal vector on the basis of the correction data; and an estimating unit which performs angle estimation on the basis of the synthesized baseband signal vector.

Inventors: Shirakawa; Kazuo (Kawasaki, JP)

Assignee: Fujitsu Limited

International Classification: G01S 13/42 (20060101); G01S 7/40 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/26/12018