Patent Number: 8,817,196

Title: Optical shuttering device based on liquid crystals with attenuation of switching noises of said liquid crystals, corresponding viewing goggles and display device

Abstract: An optical shuttering device is provided, which includes an optical cell with a liquid crystal material between first and second transparent substrates and controlled by an electronic switching circuit. The switching circuit includes a power supply module, providing a control voltage, and a switching element mounted in series between the power supply module and the cell, making it possible to switch the cell between an on state and an off state. The electronic switching circuit furthermore includes a current source mounted in series between the power supply module and the switching element. The substrates preferably have different thickness and material.

Inventors: De La Tocnaye; Jean-Louis De Bougrenet (Guilers Kerhuo, FR), Caillaud; Bertrand (Brest, FR), Daniel; Emmanuel (Le Relecq Kerhuon, FR), Bellini; Robert (Brest, FR), Castany; Olivier (Plouzane, FR)

Assignee: Institut Telecom/Telecom Bretagne

International Classification: G02F 1/1335 (20060101); H04N 13/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/26/12018