Patent Number: 8,817,377

Title: Light collection system and method

Abstract: The present invention is directed to light collection systems, the system comprising at least one light receiving element, selected from the group consisting of: a window, a photovoltaic element, a heating element, a light guiding element and combinations thereof, and at least one light reflector-deflector element, each element comprising a front light receiving surface, a rear surface, and a transparent volume, disposed between the front light receiving surface and the rear surface, the transparent layer being of a higher refractive index than of its surrounding, wherein the transparent volume comprises an asymmetric pattern which is configured to at least partially reflect light by internal reflection and direct the light within the element, reflect some light off said front light receiving surface, reflect, deflect and guide light within the light reflector-deflector element; and direct light through the front light receiving surface towards the at least one light receiving element.

Inventors: Salomon; Yair (Jerusalem, IL)

Assignee: Sunboost Ltd

International Classification: E04B 5/46 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/26/12018