Patent Number: 8,817,423

Title: Circuit integrated suspension and method of manufacture thereof

Abstract: An Extended Circuit Integrated Suspension (ECIS) design and manufacture thereof, to allow for circuit elements to be disposed onto the load beam on the opposite side of the flexure circuit. An Extended Circuit Integrated Suspension (ECIS) may include a load beam; a flexure circuit comprising a plurality of traces; and a connection portion which connects the load beam laterally to the flexure circuit. The load beam, the flexure circuit, and the connecting portion may be formed as a single component from a single panel, and the connection portion is oriented so that the connection portion is folded to place the flexure circuit onto a first side of the load beam. Applications for the use of the extended circuit are many, and a semi-collocated micro-actuator (SCLMA) is illustrated for example.

Inventors: McCaslin; Martin John (Pleasanton, CA), Cayaban; Alex Enriquez (Fremont, CA)

Assignee: Nitto Denko Corporation

International Classification: G11B 5/48 (20060101); G11B 5/58 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/26/12018