Patent Number: 8,817,840

Title: Power supply arrangement

Abstract: A power supply arrangement for supplying a square-wave current (I2) to a load connected to an output of the power supply arrangement, in particular a power supply arrangement in an arc furnace for generating an arc, including a transformer (TU) with at least two primary-site taps (1U1, 1U2) which form an input of the power supply arrangement, and with several secondary-side taps (2U1, 2U2, 2U3, 2UN), a bridge circuit (BU) with several first half bridges (11, 12, 13) which include converter valves (V11, V12, V13, V14, V15, V16) and which each have a first terminal (A11, A12, A13) of the bridge circuit, with a bridge section with a choke (L1), and with a second half bridge (20) which has converter valves (V17, V18) and a second terminal (A20) of the bridge circuit (BU), wherein each first terminal (A11, A12, A13) is connected to one of the secondary-side taps (2U1, 2U2, 2U3) of the transformer (TU), wherein the second terminal (A20) is connected to the output.

Inventors: Wallmeier; Peter (Lippstadt, DE)

Assignee: AEG Power Solutions B.V.

International Classification: H05B 7/148 (20060101); H05B 7/144 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/26/12018