Patent Number: 8,818,187

Title: Camera lens body shield and focus assist device

Abstract: A protective lens cover shields the body of a camera lens from damage. The protective lens cover resembles the shape of the lens being shielded and is essentially the same axial length as the lens--that is, the protective lens cover extends from the lens-camera joint to the outer lens element. Hence, the entire body of the lens is covered except for the lens elements and camera mount surface. On the interior surface of the protective lens cover is a cloth material, such as felt, cotton or velvet, affixed to the main body through an adhesive process. The cloth is the sole feature of the protective lens cover that contacts with the camera lens. The remainder of the interior of the protective lens cover provides a small empty space surrounding the lens body, thereby providing a barrier against damage. The protective lens cover being produced by 3D printing means.

Inventors: Neff; Bravin (Royal Oak, MI)

Assignee: Neff; Bravin

International Classification: G03B 17/56 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/26/12018