Patent Number: 8,818,550

Title: Horizontal circuit storage system

Abstract: The invention relates to a horizontal circuit storage system (1) for storing storage goods carried by load-carriers. The horizontal circuit storage system has a storage zone (2) with a plurality of stacked horizontal storage planes (5). A plurality of load-carriers (6) are arranged in a row in each of the storage planes. The storage zone (2) is located between two vertical conveyers (3, 4) which interconnect the storage planes vertically in each case. The load-carriers (6) can be moved horizontally in the storage planes (5) to the vertical conveyers (3, 4) by horizontal conveyers (8) which are associated each with a storage plane (5). According to the invention, a control unit is provided in order to permit faster access to individual load-carriers and, depending on a control signal from the control unit, the storage system can be brought into a condition in which a horizontal circuit is formed for the load-carriers (6). The invention also relates to a method for accessing a particular load-carrier (6) which receives a storage good in a horizontal circuit storage system (1) in which such a horizontal circuit (65) is formed.

Inventors: Zumbrunn; Werner (Muttenz, CH), Kobler; Stefan (Neuendorf, CH), Burkhard; Gregor (Olten, CH), Bouche; Norbert (Landau, DE), Gotz; Jurgen (Graben-Neudorf, DE), Talon; Rene (Hergersweiler, DE)

Assignee: Bellheimer Metallwerk GmbH

International Classification: G06F 7/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/26/12018