Patent Number: 8,818,820

Title: System to verify identity of patient receiving medication and monitoring the dispensing of medication to the patient including monitoring the development of the medication form where the seeds are obtained, how the plant was cultivated, where the medical portion of the plant was harvested and converted into the medication to be dispensed to a patient

Abstract: A computer system to monitor and authenticate the creation of a medicinal herb including information on where seeds used to grow a plant containing a medicinal herb buds were obtained from, information on how and where the seeds were grown to cultivate the plant, information on when the buds were harvested from the plant and converted into a medicinal herb full chain a custody of all personnel involved from obtaining the seeds, cultivating the seeds into a plant, harvesting growth from the plant and converting it into a medicinal herb and transportation of the medicinal herb to a dispensing facility and how the medicinal herb was dispensed to a patient.

Inventors: Mehdizadeh; P. Vincent (West Hills, CA)

Assignee: PVM International, Inc.

International Classification: G06Q 50/22 (20120101)

Expiration Date: 8/26/12018