Patent Number: 8,819,862

Title: Sunglasses with flip-up visor

Abstract: A flip-up visor attachment having two separable sets of hinge elements for rotatably connecting the visor to a sunglasses' frame. These sets include a hinge body and a pair of hook-like structures which are, respectively, affixed to the frame's bridge portion and to the visor's underside. Like the frame, both sets exhibit bilateral symmetry. Once they are joined together, the visor can be pivoted outwardly from the frame's front. A flange, affixed to the visor's mid-section and extending over its back edge, stops the visor from being overrotated. With the visor in its raised position, one can then brace it there by pressing a locking arm rotatably connected to its underside against the hinge body. By rotating the locking arm in reverse, one can disengage it from the hinge body and thus free the visor so that it can be folded against the sunglasses or removed therefrom.

Inventors: Shaw; Andrew Robert (Dickson, TN)


International Classification: A61F 9/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018