Patent Number: 8,819,898

Title: Handle structure

Abstract: A handle structure contains a body, a housing, a cover, a controlling member, and a resilient element. The body includes an outer surface and an inner surface, the outer face has a non-grip face and a flat rim, and the inner surface has a connecting column. The housing is hollow and includes a front fringe, a rear fringe, and a L-shaped recess. The cover is fixed on a rear side of the housing and used to fix a handle structure on a plate. The controlling member is fitted into the housing and includes a front end and a rear end. The front end connects with the connecting column via the front fringe. The controlling member also includes a raised portion fixed in the L-shaped recess. The resilient element located between the controlling member and the cover. Hence, the controlling member is pushed by the resilient element to move toward the body.

Inventors: Xie; Jian-Min (Changhua County, TW)


International Classification: E05B 1/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018