Patent Number: 8,819,899

Title: Band clamp installation markers

Abstract: A band clamp has a band constriction sensing marker adapted so as to gradually visibly respond to the stage and state of the band clamp installation at the object to be secured. Before the band clamp is installed, a displaceable material may be partially or entirely hidden between the band and the securable object, for example flexible sleeve, wherefrom it is forcefully moved by the clamp to the sides during installation. A gradually appearing amount, color and shape of the moved marker material may provide visual clues about band clamp installation. In some embodiments, a contrastingly colored under material wider than the band clamp may be disposed underneath a marker on the side of the object being secured. Due to the band constriction during joint installation, the marker material parts sidewise from underneath the band clamp and masks the contrasting under material with neutrally colored marker material.

Inventors: Fietkiewicz; Boguslaw J (Anaheim, CA)


International Classification: F16L 33/08 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018