Patent Number: 8,819,919

Title: Method of forming a non-linear path of an electrically conducting wire

Abstract: A method of forming a non-linear path of at least a portion of at least one electrically conducting wire extending between a first location and a second location. The method includes the steps of forming a wire path template defining a non-linear path, winding said wire through said template such that said wire adopts said non-linear path, connecting the wire to a feedthrough member, wherein the feedthrough member is configured to provide an electrical connection through a wall of an implantable component implantable in a recipient along with the wire, and removing the wire from the template.

Inventors: Ho; Andy (Tsuen Wan, HK), Eder; Niki (Castle Hill, AU), Walker; David (Lane Cove, AU), Meagher; Katherine (Main Beach, AU), Schuller; Peter (Turramurra, AU)

Assignee: Cochlear Limited

International Classification: H01P 11/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018