Patent Number: 8,819,983

Title: Systems, methods, and apparatus for securing a recording device to a hunting apparatus

Abstract: The present invention provides a mounting apparatus for attaching to a hunting weapon and supporting a recording device. The apparatus includes means for removably securing a recording device to the apparatus; a connector adapted to removeably attach the apparatus to a hunting weapon; and a flexible, elongate member being semi-rigid and having a first end affixed to the securing means and a second end affixed to the connector, whereby upon attachment of the apparatus to a hunting weapon the flexible, elongate member permits manual repositioning of the secured recording device relative to the hunting weapon while supporting the secured recording device in a set position after manual repositioning occurs. Alternatively, the securing means may include an adjustable means to permit receipt and holding engagement of multiple form factors of recording devices and/or may include a rotating joint such that the securing means and secured recording device may be rotatably repositioned when mounted onto a weapon and/or may further include first and second adjustable brackets for holding the recording device in place. An adapter may form an intermediate connection between the apparatus and a weapon. A stabilizer may balance and offset the weight of the apparatus when mounted to a weapon. The invention may be integrated with other functional components of a weapon, such as a bow stabilizer or scope.

Inventors: Tate; Jeff (Hardingsburg, KY)


International Classification: F41C 27/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018