Patent Number: 8,820,068

Title: Linear multi-cylinder stirling cycle machine

Abstract: A linear, multi-cylinder Stirling cycle machine comprises a plurality of Stirling cycle units arranged in an open series or closed loop. Each of the units comprises a compression space in fluid communication with an expansion space via a regenerative heat exchange assembly. The compression space and expansion space are in fluid communication with, respectively, a compression piston and an expansion piston, and the separate Stirling cycle units are mechanically coupled together by linear power transmitters, which connect the expansion piston of one unit to the compression unit of the other. The linear power transmitters can be linear transducers such as linear motors or generators. In the open series arrangement the series of Stirling cycle units can have an initiating compressor at one end and a terminating expander at the other end. hi the closed loop arrangement, one of the Stirling cycle units can include an exergy throttle to restrict gas flow rates to control the speed of the machine. The machine may be used in a combined heat and power apparatus with some Stirling cycle units acting as engine/generators and with waste heat being used for heating. Some Stirling cycle units can be used for cooling or heat pumping.

Inventors: Dadd; Michael William (Oxford, GB)

Assignee: ISIS Innovation Limited

International Classification: F01B 29/10 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018