Patent Number: 8,820,112

Title: Flexible cooling system integration for multiple platforms

Abstract: A refrigerator is provided that includes a CMS adapted to define at least a portion of an envelope of at least one of a freezer compartment and a refrigerator compartment, where the CMS has a high pressure side and a low pressure side. The high pressure side includes an orientation-flexible compressor and a condenser fluidly connected with the orientation-flexible compressor. The low pressure side is fluidly connected to the high pressure side and includes an evaporator. The CMS also includes at least one housing configured to enclose at least one of the orientation-flexible compressor, the condenser, and the evaporator. The CMS further includes an insulating panel forming at least a portion of the at least one housing, and substantially separating the high pressure side from the low pressure side. The CMS is typically configured to operate in a plurality of orientations based upon the orientation-flexible compressor.

Inventors: Cur; Nihat (Saint Joseph, MI), Gomes; Alberto R. (Saint Joseph, MI), Lopes; Luiz Antonio D. (Peachtree City, GA), Wu; Guolian (Saint Joseph, MI), Da Silva; Luciana Wasnievski (Joinville, BR)

Assignee: Whirlpool Corporation

International Classification: F25D 19/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018