Patent Number: 8,820,190

Title: Active eco pedal apparatus

Abstract: An active eco pedal apparatus with an the actuator which includes a VCM having a pair of first and second coils through which a current flows in opposite directions, and a pair of first and second magnets interacting with the electric field generated by the pair of the first and second coils, in which additional repulsive force is generated from the VCM supplied by the current, in addition to basic moving forces, thereby increasing thrust to push a pedal and thus remarkably improving the efficiency of an eco mode, in which since the actuator is controlled in a single-phase manner by a single-phase driver chip without using a hall sensor having high error possibility, it is possible to improve the reliability of operation, and in which since the number of FETs is reduced, the system is configured to have a compact size, and costs are lowered.

Inventors: Noh; Jong-Sang (Ulsan, KR), An; Jung-Yeol (Ulsan, KR), Lee; Jong-Man (Yangsan-si, KR), Cha; Jong-Geun (Ulsan, KR), Kim; Mo-Se (Ulsan, KR)

Assignee: DH Holdings Co., Ltd.

International Classification: G05G 1/30 (20080401)

Expiration Date: 9/02/12018